-15 Express Youth Transport Service provides safe and reliable escort services for youth to boarding schools, residential treatment centers and youth wilderness programs throughout the United States 
and abroad.We at I-15 Express understand this is a trying and difficult time for you and your family. We possess over 19 years of experience including dealing with families in crisis, issues related to drug use and
 depression as well as incorrigible behavior. We offer services 24/7/365 and will travel anywhere in the world to be of assistance in your time of need. We understand the sensitive nature involved in transporting at-risk adolescents 
Our mission at I-15 Express Youth Transport Service is to provide a safe and secure environment for youth and support for their families during key transition periods. We at 
I-15 Express do not believe in the "SWAT Team" approach employed by some other escort companies. We believe that therapy begins upon first contact withthe child, and treat these situations with care, dignity and compassion. 
All of our agents are parents themselves and treat the youth we escort as we would want our own children treated.Our Guides combine professionalism and compassion to provide both parents
 and youth with as smooth a transition and transport as possible.